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Ultramid® Endure, high-temperature polyamide (HTPA), takes PA to a new level of Heat Resistance!
Heat-resistant polyamide for automotive applications in the high temperature range
Ultramid® Endure is a new family of glass fiber reinforced injection molding resins with high stiffness coupled with exceptional heat aging resistance between 220 and 230 depending on application requirements and a peak temperature of 240ºC. Its excellent heat aging behavior results from an innovative stabilization system which greatly reduces oxygen attack on the polymer surface. This superior heat aging performance greatly broadens the range of high heat applications suitable for polyamides. Ultramid® Endure is based on PA66 chemistry and therefore could be injection molded under similar conditions but offers superior higher flow over standard grades. This superior heat aging performance greatly broadens the range of high heat applications suitable for polyamides.

Properties of the new high-temperature plastic:
Long-term heat aging property retention up to 230ºC
Superior melt flow compared to standard PA66 and excellent processability
High strength
Excellent toughness
Outstanding knit line and welding strength
Very good appearance

Ultramid Endures unique mix of properties result in a number of advantages for processors and OEMs:
Extends metal-to-plastic component opportunities to high heat environment providing weight reduction and typically cost reductions with feature integration and/or part consolidation Overall lower part costs relative PPS or PPA's based on lower processing temperatures, cycle time, energy consumption, ease of welding.

Ultramid® Endure - Automotive Powertrain
To meet the target emission standards, OEM's are downsizing engines, adding turbo charging and looking to reduce vehicle weight at the lowest cost. Turbocharged engines employ charged air coolers and ducting where the continuous operating temperatures can be of up to 200ºC with temperature peaks of up to 230ºC between the turbocharger and intercooler. The parts near the exhaust gas ducts or turbo charger can also see these temperatures and are target applications for Ultramid Endure.

High-performance plastic as a metal replacement
The heat-resistant Ultramid Endure is an ideal alternative to metal and other plastics such as PPA and PPS. This high-temperature polyamide (HTPA) is suitable for all parts exposed to higher thermal continuous use over a prolonged period of time.

Possible applications include all parts of the charge air duct such as:
intercooler end caps
intake manifolds
throttle valves
exhaust components or components near the exhausts

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