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Q. Do you recommend a special screw design when molding engineering plastic materials?
A. In most cases it is not needed with filled materials, however, with unreinforced engineering plastic materials, it is suggested. Specific screw design can be found in BASF Engineering Plastic brochures and those companies that build and design screws. Specific screw design for the plastic material you are processing will deliver a more consistent melt and product quality.
Q. I'm having trouble holding a cushion, along with excessive recovery time, and experiencing streaks or splays on molding. What is the root cause?
A. Sounds like symptoms of cylinder or screw, or screw check valve wear or possibly all three.
Q. I'm in the process of purchasing a new injection molding machine and want to know what is the proper barrel size for engineering type plastic materials?
A. It is recommended that the shot size not exceed 75% of barrel capacity, and on the other hand, not having a shot size of less than 30% of the barrel capacity.
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