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Welcome to our web page. Our BASF TDE team has over 200 plus years of diverse technical expertise. Our goal is to provide you with answers to your questions and make available valuable technical information to assist you in your use of our products.

If you experience streaking with Ultrason E products turn off decompression after and it should reduce this affect or eliminate completely.

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Customer was having intermittent dark streaks resulting in 30% rejects in their white parts emitting from the hot runner manifold system. Ultra Purge 5060 was used to purge through the hot runner manifold system and was successful at removing the degraded glass filled Polyester resin which was hung up in the system. Several other methods and purging compounds were tried and could not remove and eliminate it. Upon start up after five shots the streaking had vanished and normal production was resumed. The use of Ultra Purge 5060 not only resolved the issue, but also prevented a costly tear down and cleaning of the mold.

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Venting is one of the most critical elements in the injection molding process. One vent design which some day may aid you in manufacturing quality parts is peripheral venting around the complete cavity. In most cases the vent size is about 1/2 of the recommended vent size for the material being processed. The peripheral vent is also effective with ejector pins.
Tips for molding Ultramid Flame Retardant grades:
  • Ensure adequate drying to the recommended moisture levels =/< .05%.
  • Keep all temperatures at the lower end of the recommended range.
  • Provide good ventilation of the machine and all work areas.
  • Select proper steels and coating materials for tooling.
  • Size runners and gates to minimize shear degradation
  • In general, avoid hot runners, but if not, follow the guidelines.
  • Ensure proper material and part handling practices.
  • Have periodic reviews of these guidelines, especially for new hires.

When processing Ultramid® colors, drying should be < /= 150 °F., due to oxidation that can take place. If Ultramid is dried at too high a temperature, it in turn causes the base Ultramid to yellow.

When designing a mold for a new glass reinforced application, allow yourself the option to change gate locations (two or three and three is better). By having the option of varying gates, it can give you one or more of the following benefits: shrinkage, physical properties, distortion/warpage and part appearance.

When troubleshooting injection molding problems, one of the first places to investigate is the nozzle area since this is the most abused area on the injection molding machine. Examples: nozzle orifice too small, burr in orifice,heater bands temperature "running away" or not reaching the proper processing temperature.

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