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Ultradur S 4090 G6 LS BK15077
Ultradur S 4090 G6 LS BK15077 is a 30% glass reinforced PBT + ASA blend. It produces moldings with good surface finish and is resistant to chemicals and stress cracking. It has low shrinkage and warpage.

Conformance To ROHS_ELV_WEEE
Conformance to Heavy Metal Content
Conformance to CONEG
Conformance to Animal Origin
Conformance To Plant Origin Food Allergens
Bisphenol A Declaration
Presence of Latex
Presence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonates (PFOS)
HBCD (Product Declaration - Hexabromocyclododecane)
Absence of Conflict Minerals
DMF Content
Ozone Depleting Substances
Substances of very high concern (SVHC)