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Ultrason® PSU & PESU for Membrane (Filtration) Applications

Ultrason® PSU is offered in various molecular weights as granules. Ultrason® E PESU is offered in powder or flakes in a various molecular weights for faster solubility. Ultrason is naturally transparent, and has a high use temperature capability (160° C - 220° C), with excellent chemical and hydrolytic resistance.

The scope of advanced, cost efficient membrane applications are constantly expanding. These applications include: water purification, biomedical, manufacturing process separations, waste treatment and food processing.

Key Features of Ultrason That Make it Ideal are:
Good pore size
Soluble in solvents commonly used for membrane production
Repeated sterilization possible with superheated steam
Compliance with FDA and European standards for food contact
Can be used over a wide pH range (0 to 13)
Excellent chemical resistance

Typical Applications:
Potable water
Beverage processing
Industrial separations

Configurations in Modules
Flat sheet (e.g. used in spiral wound or plate and frame modules)
Hollow fiber (bundles)
Coated tubes

BASF Advantage
BASF is the only supplier in the world that can provide complete raw material solutions for your membrane manufacturing world-wide including:
base polymer: Ultrason® S (PSU), Ultrason® (PESU) (all membrane grades are global grades)
modifier: Luvitec® K (PVP) (all membrane grades are global grades)
processing solvents: NMP, Pyrrolidone, DMF, DMAc, Butyrolactone (globally available)

Contact: Vinny Sirani