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Piece by piece, and from powertrain components to electronic modules, BASF's Engineering Plastics group provides the materials along with the technical and design support to deliver the savings you need: real-estate-saving consolidation of parts, CAFE-lowering weight savings, cost-cutting solutions and manufacturing that eliminates production steps.
  • Miniaturize and modularize
  • Integrate design and differentiate features
  • Process faster without compromising properties
  • Fewer Steps
  • Better Results
BASF is attuned to your needs. We listen, understand, then deliver the benefits in all sectors: Powertrain, Electrical/Electronic, Interior, Exterior and Chassis - benefits that reach all along the buying chain, from automakers and their Tier 1 suppliers to customers, and to the environment.

You can find BASF products at work throughout automotive design. Move your mouse around the car or click here to learn where and how.

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