BASF's North American Engineering Plastics business supports the following products for FDA food contact compliance:

Ultramid® B3S FC R01 UN
Ultramid B3EG6 FC UN
Ultramid A3K FC R01 UN
Ultramid A3EG6 FC UN
Ultramid A3EG7 FC AQUA UN
Ultramid A3EG7 FC AQUA BK23285
Ultramid A3EG10 FC AQUA BK23285
Ultramid A3WGM35 FC BK23298
Ultramid D3EG10 FC AQUA BK23285
Ultramid TKR4355G8 FC BK23262

Ultradur® B2550 FC
Ultradur B4500 FC

Ultraform® H4320 UNC Q600
Ultraform H2320 006 UNC Q600
Ultraform N2320 003 UNC Q600
Ultraform N2320 003 BLK120 Q600
Ultraform S2320 003 UNC Q600
Ultraform S2320 003 BK120 Q600
Ultraform W2320 003 UNC Q600
Ultraform W2320 003 BLK120 Q600

The list of supported FDA compliant products above is listed also in the document immediately below which is available for download. Please note, however, this document is NOT a valid food contact compliance certificate for products according to the requirements of FDA 21 CFR. Applicable procedures require that a product specific compliance certificate be obtained from BASF Corporation in order to comply with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR. BASF Corporation will not support its customers' use of the products listed for FDA compliant applications without a product-specific FDA compliance certificate.

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