Consumer Product Applications
Optimized polyamide for monofilaments

The following Ultramid® grades are used for the production of stretched monofilaments such as industrial wires, fishing lines, tennis racket strings, lawn mower monofilaments and bristles.
Ultramid® B27 E: a low-viscosity polyamide 6, is suitable, either singly or blended with other Ultramid grades, for the production of monofilaments with diameters of up to 0.7 mm. Applications include fishing lines, monofilaments for fishing nets, bristles and fine monofilaments for industrial fabrics.

Ultramid® B33 L: a medium-viscosity polyamide 6, is the general-purpose grade for the production of fine and medium gage monofilaments for the fisheries sector and for industrial applications such as filters, paper screening fabric and bristles.

Ultramid® B40 L: is particularly suitable for the production of stretched monofilaments with medium and thicker diameters of up to 5 mm and of bristles.

Ultramid® C33 01 and C40 LX 07 are suitable for the production of high-grade sport fishing lines, hook monofilaments, long lines of up to 2.0 mm and tennis racket strings. High transparency and flexibility with good stretchability are characteristics of these copolyamides.
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