Consumer Product Applications
Picture this - it's a typical Saturday and you are out at the local hardware/houseware store running your errands for the weekend.

You need a new lawnmower and some powertools so you can tackle some yard projects later that afternoon. Your kids broke the icemaker on your refrigerator and you need to shop for a new one. You also need a new chair for your home office and lets not forget some fishing lines for an upcoming fishing trip with your buddies.

What do all of these things have in common? BASF Engineering Plastics has products that go into all of these things. From appliances to powertools, office furniture to lawnmowers, BASF has products that fit a multitude of applications. Click on a link below to see how at BASF, we create chemistry.

You can find BASF resin products throughout the products you use in your everyday life. Move your mouse through this space or click here to learn where and how.

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